How To Use Your Essential Oil Samples

You would have been directed here because you have been given some samples of our precious dōTERRA Essential Oils.

I remember arriving home and thinking what am I supposed to do with these now!? So I have put together some information for you on how to use your samples.

About dōTERRA (meaning ‘Gift of the Earth’):

The reason dōTERRA’s essential oils are such a natural and safe powerhouse is because: ō – They are naturally grown and harvested in their native region or where they have been shown to produce the highest quality and purity of essential oils in the world. ō – They are guaranteed free of fillers, pesticides and foreign chemicals. ō – They are CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), which includes rigorous testing for standards of chemical composition, and cross testing to ensure exact purity and potency. These are just some of the reasons why dōTERRA are considered to be beyond the best in the world!

How To Use Your Samples:

Keeping in mind that 2 drops of your sample vial = 1 drop from a standard 5ml or 15ml bottle.

A little on dilution: Most of the oils are fine to use neat but generally we dilute in carrier oil. Carrier oil can include coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut oil (my oil of choice due to it’s ability to absorb into our skin with no greasy residue), and many more. Using a carrier oil is going to assist your essential oils to more effectively and efficiently absorb into your body. So for the purpose of trying out these essential oils, choose what you have on hand.

In the slide show below, each graphic will show what oils need to be diluted. (N) = Neat – Can be used topically with no dilution or if diluting a 1:1 ratio can be used (1 drop EO to 1 drop carrier oil) (S) = Sensitive – Dilute for young or sensitive skin 1:2 dilution ratio (1 drop EO to 2 drops carrier oil) (D) = Dilute – Dilute before using topically 1:3 ratio (1 drop EO to 3 drops carrier oil)

Double dilute for children

Triple dilute for babies  

Safety with your oils:

The oils are very safe but remember to keep them out of your ears, nose and eyes. If you do experience some sensitivity then apply carrier oil over the area, this will help to dilute the oil. If you are currently using medications or have any worries, then it would be best you talk to your healthcare professional before you begin to use your oils.

The graphs below will also indicate three things:

A = Aromatically

T = Topically

I = Internally

Because of dōTERRA’s quality and purity, many of our oils can be taken internally. Have a browse through and look which oils you can use internally. You know your body best, so think about what your sensitivity levels are, and use the above as a guide.

Where To Use:

Sleep Support – Bottoms of feet, back of neck and behind ears.

Mood Support – Bottoms of feet, insides of wrists.

Tension – Direct to area of tension

Skin Irritations – Direct to irritation

Have a play around with the oils and where you like to use them best.


I hope you enjoy using your oils. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me on 021 02325297. If you want more information, I will be in touch in the next few days to check how you are going with your oils. ♥ Kerry xx


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