iTOVi Scanner Review (How to Get It Free)

10X Your Essential Oil Business

Is possible to take your essential oils business to the next level with the iTOVi scanner? Absolutely!

Not only will this device make your business a lot easier, it is pretty easy to get your money back from their referral program. As you can see in the screenshot we have made our money back and now making easy money as most clients fall in love with this device.iTOVi scanner Amazon

This device is not available on Amazon. Click here to see the best price from iTOVi.

If you are talking about your products or want to bring up the topic of essential oils/supplements this device is the perfect ‘ice breaker’.

Once someone is having a scan you will find everyone else around you will want to have a go.

I’ve been at parties (not related to essential oils) and had lines of up to 5 people waiting in turn to have a scan!

It’s amazing how people are drawn to this device and having a complete report of their oil needs emailed directly to their inbox makes staying in contact very easy.

With the development of new technologies it is possible to accurately assess an individual and quickly determine which oils best suit their needs. This cutting edge technology is also fun to use.

Do not try to buy the iTOVi scanner on Amazon as they could be fake and may not be the same quality as a direct purchase.

What is the iTOVi Scanner?

The scanner is a hand held device which can be kept in your pocket or handbag and operates on rechargeable batteries. Simply charge it for 1 hour and you get 24 hours of use. You can also check battery life on the device.

It is the PERFECT tool for anyone building an essential oils or supplement business as it takes the guess work out of selecting products or oils for clients.

People are attracted to this device as the cutting edge technology delivers very accurate results.

There are two main ways to make money with the iTOVi scanner:

  • Growing you essential oil business – bring the scanner to parties, markets or carry it around with you wherever you go. It’s like a magnet to get people to talk to you about oils and once they see which oils they are lacking in they usually want to know more.
  • Earn your scanner for FREE with referrals – for each referral you make you get $50 cash from iTOVi. It doesn’t take too long before you find enough people to buy the scanner and make back the purchase price. Buying it outright eliminates any ongoing fees it’s recommended to pay the one off fee.

Scanner App Charger

iTOVi how does it work?

The iTOVi scanner uses bioimpediance, which means, it measures body composition through electrical frequencies.

Put simply it sends out a frequency which travels around your body and reports back to the device with detailed data about which supplements and oils you need.

The first thing you need to do once you get the iTOVi scanner is to download the app (which is compatible with both Apple and Android).

Then you enter your name and email. The app stores previous scan information so you can see history and previous client details.

Once your body’s frequencies are measured it matches them with the oils or supplements companies products you promote. The feedback will give you a full report about the products recommended by the scanner.

This is the same technology that a Nike fit band or fit bit works. It is very accurate and perfectly safe to use.

Once you have entered your basic information you will need to select ‘oils’ or ‘supplements’ or ‘both. This will make sure the report you get is specific to your clients needs.

The next step is to  hold it in your hand so the two metal points are touching the palm of your hand. Click ‘start scan’

The scanner will then vibrate for around 20-30 seconds until the scan is complete. You will know when it is finished as the lights will start flashing and it will vibrate again.

When the client is being scanned there is a short video which is played on the device you have installed the app on. The video tells the client about how the scanner works.

After the scan is finished you can discuss the recommendations with the client and also send through the report to their email.

Which companies does it support?

It’s quite impressive how many companies iTOVi can get a detailed report for. Each report has specific products from each of the following companies:

  • doTERRA
  • Young Living
  • Zija/Ameo
  • Synergy Worldwide
  • Q Sciences
  • Neways/Modere
  • VEO Natural
  • Be Young
  • Natural Longevity
  • Nature’s Sunshine

iTOVi vs Zyto

There are currently two very good essential oil scanners on the market today. While both scanners are great in their own right I want to show you an iTOVi vs Zyto comparison so you can see which one you prefer.

  • $799 One Time Price or $9.99 One Time + $39.99 Monthly
  • Fits in palm
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  • One time payment
  • Latest technology
  • Referral program
  • Great marketing tool
  • $399 + $29.95 Every Month
  • Hand size
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  • One time payment + monthly costs
  • Original scanner
  • Referral program
  • Great marketing tool

What exactly does the App show?

Bio-scanner App on phone

After you have completed the scan you will have a lot of information to show your client.

The report breaks down the scan results into three categories:

  • Environmental – the app will suggest products to help with your physical environment.
  • Emotional – these recommended products include elements which effect your well-being, emotions and mood.
  • Physical – products that assist with your physical health and wellness.

Depending on which company you have chosen the app will recommend products only from that particular company.

Once the client has seen the results they are often surprised and start thinking about getting those specific oils/products to help them.

The report is automatically email to them and store in the apps database so you can follow up and check if they are interested improving their health.

If people aren’t interested in purchasing oils/products straight away they will often come back at a later date as it’s the information you have given them is quite intriguing.

The results are very accurate and if you test the same person twice in a row it will give the same results.

If your serious about your essential oils business the iTOVi scanner is a must have device.

We have used very successfully to introduce people to essential oils and it’s always draws a crowd.

If you just want the scanner for your self it’s very helpful for finding out exactly which oils and supplements are best for you.

Make sure once you buy the scanner to get your referral link and share it with friends!

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