Best Essential Oils For Deviated Septum

Although lavender is good there are better options..

Having a deviated septum can be a real pain in the ass! It makes breathing VERY difficult and can result in a lack of energy and vitality.

Lavender oil for deviated septum relief is a great start as you will be using a natural alternative which works well.

Although lavender is one of our favourite essential oils it isn’t the best to assist with breathing if you have a deviated septum.

The two best oils are Breathe (Easy Air) and Peppermint which you can save 25% on when you join dōTERRA.

Luckily there are ways to help you breathe without using harsh chemical sprays most doctors will try to prescribe.

dōTERRA is one of the few companies who produce certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils so if you are shopping around be careful of cheap imitations.

Try to avoid all chemical sprays as they usually make your nasal passage worse and are meant for temporary relief.

How can essential oils help?

Taking oils aromatically or topically can have a great therapeutic effect. Aromatherapy has been around for a long time and is a much more natural way of healing the body.

Essential oils such and breathe, peppermint and lavender can open up the airways and ensure you get a full breathe without any blockages.

This can be very beneficial to get a good nights sleep or when you are doing physical exercise.

How to use Breathe (Easy Air) and Peppermint Oil to Help Breathing

There are a few different ways to use oils to clear a stuffy nose. The most common being:dōTERRA Breathe Essential Oil

  • Topically – Apply directly to the skin
  • Aromatically – Through an essential oils diffuser

If you want to get a great nights sleep put 6 drops of Breathe and 4 drops of Lavender oil into a diffuser and let it diffuse in your bedroom.

As most diffusers are fairly small you can take one with you while traveling and set them up in any room.

Before working out or if you need instant relief from a blocked nose put 1 drop of peppermint oil into the palm of your hand, cup your hands and place them close to your nose.

Take a DEEP breath in to get the oils into your system. This can provide an instant relief by opening up your airways and allowing air to flow through your system.

Using Nose Cones Also Helps A LOT!

The essential oils mentioned above are a fast and effective solution to help with a deviated septum. Another product which has helped my breathing A LOT is the ‘Max-Air Nose Cones’ which you can order from

They last for around 90 nights (use them while sleeping) and are great at opening up your nasal passage to get a full breath through your nose. The breathing relief for me was instant and it definitely gives me more energy the next day.

Help with breathing

They are actually pretty comfortable but make sure you use their sizing chart to get the best fit. Once you have used them for 90 days get new once as they will get soft and lose some of their effectiveness.

What is a deviated septum?

Breathing passage blocked

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If you searching for an essential oil remedy to help with your breathing you probably have a good idea of what a deviated septum is.

For those that don’t it can be described as the bone cartilage in the middle of your nose is off center causing a blockage in one side.

It can be caused by an injury to the nose or can gradually grow out of place over time.

Often the best way to center the cartilage is with septoplasty surgery. This is where you will be put under general anesthetic and the surgeon goes in and removes and replaces cartilage so it’s back to normal.

Does Septoplasty Surgery Always Work?

No. Well at least not in my case. And after talking with other people who have this issue it often takes a few goes to get it perfect. This can end up being very costly and time consuming.

It’s also very painful after the surgery for a few days. If you are lucky enough and the surgery is a success then it is the best way to treat the issue.

Are these effecting your breathing?

There can be may things that effect your breathing which are fixed with a few changes. A deviated septum is a structural issue which can be helped and it’s detrimental effects minimized but there may other things contributing to your breathing issues.

Allergies are something that a lot of people overlook when considering their airways. Allergies can cause a mild allergic reaction which blocks your airways.

Eliminating or minimizing the the following foods and drinks could help clear your nasal area from becoming blocked:

Dairy – As more research comes to light the negative effects of consuming dairy are becoming common knowledge. Try to eliminate or reduce your dairy intake and see if it makes a difference to your health and breath.

Alcohol – Giving up or reducing your alcohol intake can be difficult for some people. Alcohol intolerance is actually quite common and because your body struggles to break down the alcohol efficiently and results in a stuffy nose.

Wheat – People who suffer from a wheat allergy can get a blocked and stuffy nose as a reaction to consuming wheat. Make sure you are eating a clean diet and get tested for your reaction to wheat.

Being able to breathe properly is essential to living a healthy happy life. The more oxygen you can get throughout your body the better your body can function.

If you have had any success with any other essential oils for deviated septum issues please let us know in the comments below!

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