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I am a mother of one who is passionate about going back to nature as much as possible for better health and wellness. I am here to show and to empower others of the importance and of the possibilities.

I worked as a beauty therapist since 2005 and continue to have a strong connection with teaching others the importance of self love and care. This is where my love for all things natural stems from, after seeing first hand the amount of crap that can be crammed into our products and advertising and the detriment that can have on our health and happiness. This does not stop at beauty, but also includes cleaning, food (or food-like products!), baby, and other.

I am on a life mission to help others live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. I love empowering people to go within, to dig out the crap and fall in love with themselves and life again as is our natural birth right.

I found the oils after searching for a natural food flavouring (peppermint slice addiction!) and then soon realised I could use the oils for so much more. dōTERRA has helped our family in so many ways and we are forever grateful.
Book in for a wellness consult where we will discuss your health, wellness and lifestyle goals and take a look into what positive changes you can make to help you achieve those goals.
We also run public and private workshops on topics such as Eating for Health, Toxic-Free Living; Cleaning or Beauty, Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet, Moods and Emotions, Natural Health Solutions, Natural Mama; New Mums or Nappy Bag, and Natural Sleep Solutions.


With love and light,

Kerry Doherty xxx


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